Review of Video - Rachel's Panty Parade 006
This tape contains background music
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Scene 1 - Frills For Me, Thrills For You
Rachel kicks off this super video with a stunning show. Wearing the outfit from the Titillating Tales "The Boozy Bridesmaid", she gives us long lingering looks at those little white panties, frequently raising that ankle length dress for us while the camera zooms in.
Scene 2 - Tight and White
The title says it all and refers to her tight little white knickers (Rachel's preference) which are on show for much of this sequence..
Scene 3 - Cancan Cameo
Well she ain't no cancan girl but really wanted to do a short sequence to the music, while wearing a frilly skirt and petticoat. She found the laciest panties she had, donned the skirt and away she went, retaining the spirit of the dance in great style.You can even hear the rustling of the skirts in this one.
Scene 4 - Sitting Pretty
A change of location here. Rachel spends most of this set on the dressing table with some great upskirt views, wearing a pair of baby pink knickers before beckoning the cameraman over to look up her skirt. An extended under-the-skirt sequence ensues before she raises it all up for an unrestricted view towards the end.
Scene 5 - A Frumpy Skirt
Back to Millie's for this one as Rachel surprises us with a pair of very sexy lacy undies. Judging by the frumpy skirt she was wearing, one of Millie's old ones from her secretarial days, you would have expected bloomers underneath.
Scene 6 - Strawberries and Stockings
A short sequence featuring Rachel in the strawberry print outfit putting on a pair of black stockings. The camera decided to pack up on us on this day so that was the end of it. Nevertheless it's worth including. Let's face it, any chance to look at Rachel's great legs & bottom (plus what's covering it he he) has to be taken.
Scene 7 - Fireside Frills
Now for the finale. Rachel by the fireside, reading a book and relaxing in black stockings and frilly petticoats gives us endless views up her skirt, with long periods of skirt raising where she stands and holds up the skirts for the camera to get a closer look. A great way to finish the video and sure to captivate you all.