Review of Video No.16 - Cancan Special #1
This tape contains background music

Wendy Jayne & Sammi
Well here it is at last. Using footage from the first ever Oh La La shoot, Wendy Jayne and Sammi "kick off" the long awaited Cancan Special.This is where Dave invited the girls to have a go at the famous old dance. Now most of the girls had never tried it before and in some cases it shows, but you have to give them full marks for trying and after all we all know what we like best about the dance.....................the uninhibited display of legs, garters, stockings, frills and panties. Well I can assure you there is an abundance of all those things on parade, and some excellent dancing as well particularly from Stephanie & Susanna. Ladies and Gentlemen,
The Oh La La Glamour Girls present - THE FRENCH CANCAN.

Chanta Rose
"Ok Dave I'll give it a try' was the response from the gorgeous, fun loving, Chanta Rose when he asked her if she was willing to try the Cancan. Well maybe the high kicks aren't there but the skirt lifting technique is impeccable. Great stuff Chanta Rose.

"The Cancan?" asked Susanna excitedly "I used to dance it a few years ago in my teens" she continued, still with that excited gleam in her eye and the biggest grin you will ever see. "I absolutely love to dance it" said Susanna. "Say no more" said Dave "Let's see if you can" There's only one answer to that Dave - She certainly can Cancan !!!! Susanna is fantastic. There are several sequences here, all to traditional Cancan music and encore after encore. Over 15 minutes of absolute magic including two slow sequences to the Barcarolle.
Sarah Louise
Now Sarah Louise can dance alright but she never tried the Cancan before. "I'm game if you are" said Sarah Louise. "Well let's get on with it then"replied Dave with more than a modicum of anticipation. "Here goes then" shouted Sarah Louise as she launched into it with great gusto."Hey - not bad' observed Dave"where did you learn to dance like that?" he enquired"Oh you know me-full of surprises"she replied"Just one thing before we continue though, can I take my shoes off?"she asked "Of course sweetie, no problem"said Dave"Ooh there's something about a girl in stockinged feet" Dave drooled "Keep your mind on the job"said Sarah"and get me a drink ready for when I finish" she ordered. I think it's us that need a drink after that performance Sarah. Wowee!!
Lois makes her very brief and one and only appearance as an Oh La La Girl in this little performance of the French Cancan outside a friend's stable. Strange setting but a very nice few minutes of this wonderful dance from the lovely Lois. Alas it's the only one you'll see so savour the moment.
"Come on Frenchy, let's see you Cancan then, get that skirt up" shrieked Dave expectantly. "Less of the Frenchy, Mlle. Diana to you" she replied as the frills began to rustle. 'Wow those legs" he shouted as Diana kicked away "pity we didn't have more room here but I didn't expect a Cancan today. "We'll save it for another day and put on a real show for your fans Dave" she replied "They're your fans Diana and I don't think they'll be dissappointed". We certainly aren't Dave. Looking forward to the next time already.
Robyn tries her hand at the famous old dance while at the old ranch. Not bad either. "Good effort" said Dave applauding Robyn's dancing skills."Certainly know how to get those legs up, not to mention the skirt" he sniggered. "Isn't that what it's all about then Dave? Legs up, skirt up, knickers out?" replied Robyn cheekily. "You got it in one babe, don't let me stop you now". There was thankfully no stopping Robyn. Some very nice close ups too. Cooor!!
"I know I'm no Cancan dancer Dave but I'd love to have a go at it" said Jessie sheepishly. "I've never been a spoilsport in my long life Jessie and I definitely won't start being one now" replied Dave "get that skirt up sweetie and the Oh La La fans will love you forever" he continued. "How's this for starters?" she asked as everything under the skirt was revealed "Beautiful" replied Dave" carry on". A very nice little set from Jessie and everything we could wish for, even a few high kicks. Nice one Jessie.
Le Grand Ecart as the French say. The Big Finish to us English speakers. And what a finish! "Stephanie you amaze me"exclaimed Dave at the end of this great performance."Why's that Dave? I told you I could Cancan, didn't you believe me? she laughed. "I never know when to believe you lot but you have excelled yourself today Steph" said Dave with a complimentary air. "There you go" she replied" I always said I had something special up my sleeve for the Oh La La fans" she continued "Up your skirt don't you mean" sniggered Dave "Cheeky devil" she giggled. He wasn't wrong though. Stephanie's Cancan was very special (and her panties hehe).